I need your help please! I'm a new iPhone user, and I wonder whether I can retrieve deleted text messages from iPhone as I deleted several important ones by accident. The messages are very important to me so I desperately want to get the files back. Is there any way possible for me to do that? If iTunes is helpful, how am I supposed to do that? I don't know whether I have the iPhone backup thing in iTunes as I never find the option iTunes. If you have good ideas about how to recover the deleted messages, please kindly tell me.
I need your help please! How can I copy music from iPod to computer as I have decided to update to a new iPhone? Some of my friends told me that I shouldn’t use iTunes as the program is not helpful on this case. Is that true? I have about 1,000 songs in my iPod, and not all of them are purchased in iTunes. Of course I want to copy all of the songs to my computer, but if there is little chance to do that, I will only transfer the favorites of my favorites. If you have any good ideas, please don’t hesitate to tell me. Thanks a lot.
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recover deleted text messages on iphone 6
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